Strategic Thinking For Early Career Professionals

Tue, 28 Jun, 19:00 - 20:00 GMT+5:30


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'Strategy' as a term is often thrown around very loosely in every business conversation. Append strategy to any word and you sure will come across as a smart and sophisticated person.

However, developing strategic thinking skills is important and crucial to your career advancement. Moreover, demonstrating your strategic thinking is even more important.

The key to unlocking better decision-making is learning to be more thoughtful about your work, resources and consequences.

Networking the right way could make you more noticeable and land you avenues for new opportunities ~ professional and personal both.

Learn how to think strategically in your early career from Aditya Kulkarni (Co-Founder, Stoa; IIM-B). Previously, Aditya has built two companies and has had two successful exits.

After interacting with more than a thousand people ranging in different roles ~ executives, middle management, freshers, and more ~ he is able to distil his learnings down to some of the most fundamental factors which can help you build and demonstrate strategic thinking skills.

At the end of this session you will learn:

  1. How to see the big picture
  2. How to create impact at work
  3. How to become part of the decision-making process
  4. Communicate your point of view to the leadership
  5. How to create opportunities for yourself

Join in!