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Stoa graduates are highly coveted, and come with all the business skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.

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Admissions Criteria
Three things we look for before admitting a Fellow: problem-solving skills, motivation & communication skills.
Industry readiness
Prepared through a rigorous curriculum throughout the program + extensive career readiness by mentors and coaches.
Culture matching
Hungry for growth and keen on working at startups for the problems that they're passionate about.
Zero hiring fees
We charge zero fees for hiring from Stoa. Placing the right people at the right place is our only motive.
Hiring Managers Love Our Grads

Met some Stoans recently and they are good! We also hired a good product manager who did better in the interview process than IIM/ISB product managers. There's something good brewing in Stoa School.

Abhishek Nayak
Co-Founder, Appsmith
Hiring Managers Love Our Grads

When we hired a fellow from Stoa, they vouched for him, as he had done well at Stoa, and deserved a chance. So we hired him. And he is killing it! Stoa School, Aditya and Raj are doing a great job!

Ajinkya Kulkarni
Co-Founder, Wint Wealth
Hiring Managers Love Our Grads

Was an absolute breeze hiring with Stoa. We found all the candidates to be super curious, have infectious energy levels, and in general, have a great attitude. For an early-stage shop like ours, great to have access to a talent pool without waiting for B-School placements!

Rajesh Rebala
Founder, Wakao.app

Hire for the most valuable skills

Strategy & Models
Industry Analysis, New Age Biz Models such as SaaS and Marketplaces
Gen. Management
Business Writing, Storytelling, Structured Thinking
Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management
Supply and Demand, Competition, Game theory
Analytical thinking
Data Modelling, Data Insights and Visualization
Fundamentals of Marketing, User Personas, GTM
Project and Process Management, Efficient Designs and Redundancy
Financial Statements, Financial Modelling and Valuation
Market Sizing, Idea Evaluation, Lean Startup Framework
Writing User Stories, Building MVPs, Writing PRDs
Leadership Styles, Managing Up and Down, Negotiation
Sales Ops
Sales Funnels, Managing Dealflow, After-Sales  Service Excellence
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Popular Questions

For what roles can I hire Stoa graduates?

Stoa is the place for you to hire smart and ambitious business generalists. Stoa graduates typically move into the product, marketing, operations, growth and founder's office roles at venture-backed startups.

What is the hiring process at Stoa?

Email hire@stoaschool.com your hiring requirements (Job Description, CTC offered for the role, Location preference, etc.). The Stoa team will share relevant and vetted profiles for the specific roles and coordinate interview time slots.

What makes Stoa graduates unique?

Stoa fellows are selected post an intensive admission process. In addition to upskilling themselves in business fundamentals and picking job-ready skills from the best startup practitioners, the fellows get mentored by seasoned professionals.

Who are the typical companies that hire from Stoa?

Several VC-funded startups from the very early stage to Unicorns hire from Stoa. Stoa has over 130+ startups that have shared their hiring requirements with Stoa's Career Services team.

What are the salary bands at Stoa?

The salary compensation varies depending on the fellow. Since most fellows come with over two years of experience, the salary bands are north of 10 Lakhs Per Annum.

Why should I hire from Stoa?

One-place stop for startups to find curated talent suited for business-facing roles at fast-growing startups. They are also available to join throughout the year and at zero hiring cost!