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7 Dec

The Gen-Z Marketer's Mantra

In a world of polished ad campaigns and airbrushed Instagram feeds, it's easy to feel like everything is a well-orchestrated illusion. But in this fake world, there is beauty in imperfection.

Instead of studio-produced videos with perfect lighting and flawless camera work, I'll take shaky handheld footage any day. I'll let that raw, unstudied nature of handheld footage add a sense of authenticity and relatability that is lost in a polished production.

Instead of carefully crafted testimonials with flowery language and overly positive reviews, I'll take screenshots of real-life conversations any day. Whether it's a WhatsApp chat with a friend or a Twitter DM with a satisfied customer, I'll let these unscripted interactions provide a glimpse into the genuine experiences of real people.

In a world where everyone is trying to be a "thought leader" with carefully curated opinions, I'll take the low road and indulge in some good old-fashioned shitposting. I'll let the absurdity and irreverence of shitposting be a refreshing break from the endless stream of generic, cookie-cutter content.

And while others are trying to take the perfect photo with the perfect composition and lighting, I'll click blurry shots or edit them to look that way on purpose. The grainy, sometimes blurry, and often imperfect aesthetic will add a sense of rawness and authenticity to my photos.

In a world of contracts and legal agreements, I'll take the risk and choose to trust people over paperwork. While it's important to protect oneself from potential bad actors, I'll take the risk of placing my trust in others; it's the price I'll need to pay to foster deeper connections and build stronger relationships.

And while others are always trying to "ask" for something in their emails and DMs, I'll text people just to chat and see what happens. I'll let my willingness to engage without an ulterior motive lead me to unexpected and rewarding conversations.

In a world of search-engine-optimized blog posts and endless doomscrolling, I'll be more attentive of what people say during late-night dinner table conversations. These informal, unstructured discussions will yield unexpected insights, inform me of people's genuine needs, and spark creative thinking.

And while others are trying to pander to their audience with carefully crafted messaging, I'll speak my mind and say what I really think. Authenticity and honesty are always appreciated, even if it means ruffling a few feathers.

Instead of structured interviews with predetermined questions and pre-planned answers, I'll do unstructured podcasts and let the conversation flow naturally. I'll let the spontaneous nature of unstructured conversations lead me to more interesting and unexpected discussions.

And while others are chasing engagement at the expense of depth, I'll take the road less traveled and choose depth over clicks. Substance and meaning will always be more valuable than shallow engagement.

In a cosmetic world where everything feels fake, I'll embrace the real and the imperfect. Because in a world of polished perfection, authenticity is a breath of fresh air.

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15k+ business professionals act on our advice every day. You should too.